Want to live on a cruise ship? New ship will offer the opportunity

Cruising is often thought of as an option for an extravagant vacation, but a company is working to change that by creating a luxury residential ship.

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Storylines is projected to launch in 2024 and will have fully furnished rooms between one and four bedrooms, along with studios and two-story penthouses on its ship, CNN reported. The price for those homes range from $400,000 up to $8 million, per CNN.

Unlike a cruise ship where you book a journey, the homes on Storylines are purchases, and the CEO of Storylines, Alister Punton, told CNN some of the 547 units have already been sold, and they are on track to sell out by the end of the year.

Talking to the Sacramento Bee, Punton said, “Storylines realized that many people have placed their thirst for adventure on hold to build a career, care for children, or pursue other interests that temporarily pause the part of their life story they dream of most. The concept is for people to be able to enjoy unique, memorable and life-changing experiences while traveling the world from the comfort of home.”

The concept is not new. The World ResidenSea has been sailing for 20 years, and there are other private residence yachts and ships currently being planned, The Sacramento Bee reported.

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