Watch: Paramotor pilot sees car in canal, stops to rescue woman

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. — For a Florida woman, Superman didn’t wear a cape — he flew a paramotor.

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In a video posted to Instagram, Cristiano Piquet said he was flying his paramotor on Sunday morning with a friend when something on the ground caught his attention.

“I turn around to get a better shot with my GoPro, and I see a car in the canal,” Piquet told WSVN. “I flew closer to the car, and I saw someone inside the car, like, asking for help.”

In Piquet’s video, he said that he could hear the woman calling for help as he immediately turned around and flew toward her. When he landed, he ran toward her to help. In the video he posted to Instagram, the woman can be heard shouting for help in the background, then saying, “Oh, my God! I fell with my car in here!”

Piquet’s camera continued filming as he and his friend pulled the woman to safety from the water.

“We threw her a rope, and she was free, she was alive,” Piquet told WSVN. “Everything happened so fast, and after we got her to safety, we called 911.”

The woman was taken to the hospital with injuries described as not life-threatening, WSVN reported. Police are investigating what caused the crash.