Aliens? Sea monsters? Weather ‘anomaly’ was actually just a software error

A software error in a weather modeling app generated more than a forecast last week.

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For some, the application, called Ventusky, drummed up images of undersea monsters and extraterrestrial operating bases.

According to Ventusky, last week an anomaly the size of Texas was moving up the African coastline generating waves bigger than 80 feet high. The bizarre cluster was present for about 24 hours before disappearing from the app.

The errant forecast launched not only concerns over 80-foot waves but also questions about the source of the radar blob.

Namely, aliens.

A user on X, formerly Twitter, posted the video of the image moving toward Africa which received more than 748,000 views, saying, “An anomaly moving underwater – the size of Texas.

The video was also shared on YouTube by MrMBB333.

“As bizarre as some of the footage you are about to see in this video is, it’s all real,” he posted. “These are real-life encounters of ‘something’ the viewer saw, recorded and was unable to identify.”

The debate over what the black spot on the map was began in earnest on Sunday.

“Ok, who released the Kraken?”, one social media user wrote.

Ventusky, which presents weather and meteorological data and forecasts on its app, addressed the interest the map generated, telling followers they could put away theories of massive vessels moving underwater or the emergence of a sea creature.

“Despite numerous reports of UFOs or Atlanteans launching from the ocean, yesterday’s image of giant waves near Africa was due to a model error,” the company wrote last week. “Fortunately, our provider, the German Meteorological Institute @DWD_Presse, has already resolved it, and the forecast is fine.”

The company said it could take time to find out what caused the blob to appear in the software.