White House COVID test ordering site is live, orders start on Jan. 19

President Joe Biden announced that the government will be sending free at-home COVID-19 tests to those who want them.

Now we know when the orders can start being submitted.

>> Read more trending news is now live and orders can start being submitted on Jan. 19.

Each household can request up to four tests, NBC News reported. They will be sent through the post office, which has kept holiday staffing on the job to help anticipate the added mail.

Biden announced his plans to send 500 million free at-home rapid tests last month, ABC News reported. He announced this week that he will have another 500 million sent. That means 1 billion free tests will be sent to those who want them.

The government hopes the turnaround time is seven to 12 days, NBC News reported.

That is in addition to the 50 million tests that have been distributed to community centers and 20,000 free testing sites.

Biden has also told insurance companies they will reimburse subscribers for tests that are purchased at retailers. That program goes into effect on Saturday, ABC News reported.

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