• Woman chomps spider she says was in Chef Boyardee ravioli



    A Brevard County woman said she got more than she expected when she opened a can of Chef Boyardee for lunch and bit into a ravioli with a huge spider inside.

    Victoria Harrah told WFTV she's a creature of habit and has been eating the same kind of Chef Boyardee ravioli for the last 30 years. But on Wednesday, she noticed that her lunch didn't taste right.

    "I took my ravioli, dunked it in the sauce and all of a sudden, when I bit into it, it was crunchy," Harrah said.

    Harrah spit out the ravioli and was shocked at what she saw.

    "Once I spit it out, I saw the legs," said Harrah. "Once I saw the legs, I started screaming, throwing up, saying to my fiance, 'Oh my God, Oh my God, I just ate a spider!'"

    Harrah said the spider was sandwiched inside the meat filled pasta, which she originally bought for her grandchildren.

    She called Chef Boyardee's customer service line, but said they tried to downplay the incident.

    "Chef Boyardee wants to tell me they've had cases in the past where meat looks like a spider, but it's not really a spider. That's a spider," she said.

    The food company agreed to fly someone to Orlando on Wednesday to pick up the can. However, the United States Department of Agriculture put a stop to that and told her to put the can in the freezer until inspectors could look at it.

    Harrah told WFTV that she does not want money.

    "All I want to know is what kind of spider that was and where it came from," she said. 

    The food company told WFTV that it was working with the customer to understand the problem and it takes all complaints very seriously.

    A spokesperson for Chef Boyardee's parent company said in a statement: "We have very stringent quality assurance steps in place, so we are very confident that there is no cause for concern with any of our products."

    Harrah said she's not looking to get rich off the incident, but she would like her money back for the cans of ravioli she bought.

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