Alternative fuel cars: What to know before you buy

Clermont Toyota hybrids

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If you’re trying to make your day-to-day life greener, a great step to take is to buy an alternative fuel car. These vehicles are designed to reduce your impact on the earth by offering low- or zero-emission solutions and better fuel efficiency. However, they’re not for everyone, and that’s where our Clermont Toyota dealership comes in. Before you buy, educate yourself on alternative fuel vehicles so you can find the perfect drive time solution to make your life that much greener!

The three types of alternative fuel cars available right now

Before you can decide what to buy, you need to know the options available to you. Here are the three main types of Clermont Toyotas you’ll find when scoping alternative fuel options.
1. Hybrid cars: Our Clermont Toyota hybrid cars are by far the most popular options for drivers on a global scale. These unique rides power themselves via a gasoline engine AND an electric motor. They switch back and forth between the two, which means they’re a lot more fuel-efficient and also don’t produce as many emissions as a traditional gasoline vehicle. Plus, you’ve got tons of options ranging from compact hatchbacks to spacious family SUVs.
2. Electric cars: Electric cars are gaining popularity in the automotive world, especially as automakers work to improve their range (right now, some can go up to 400 miles on a single charge). Electric Clermont Toyotas run off of a battery that needs to be charged. It can be charged in your own garage at home as well as at charging stations in your city. Electric cars produce next to nothing when it comes to emissions and you’re not using gasoline to fuel them, so you’ll save big bucks.
3. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: Fuel cell vehicles are about as green as it gets – they run off of hydrogen, which means they only emit water vapor. The only problem is they’re relatively new and most states don’t have the infrastructure necessary to fuel them. Right now, you’ll only find fueling stations in California and Hawaii.

What to ask yourself before you buy an alternative fuel Clermont Toyota

Before you decide to sink a down payment into one of these green cars, ask yourself a few questions:
1. Which one best suits me? All three have different benefits to offer, so you need to explore all three and decide which one suits you the best. Do you want the convenience of a hybrid or the ultra-clean performance of a fuel cell vehicle?
2. Which one meets my drive time needs? These Clermont Toyotas are built for eco-friendly performance and major fuel efficiency. Typically, they’re not off-road-ready or able to tow and haul heavy loads. Decide what capabilities you need from your car before you buy.
3. Does my city have the right infrastructure? If you’re eyeing an electric car or a fuel cell vehicle, you need to ensure your city has the resources (like charging stations) to keep you out on the road.
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