New vs used: What should you look for when car shopping?

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Car shopping can be a world of confusion. It’s a big purchase, first of all, so a lot of people feel pressure when it comes to making the final decision. On top of that, there are so many choices to consider. Hybrid or gasoline? What make, and what model? Which trim? What accessories or packages? However, one of the biggest questions we see here at Toyota of Clermont is whether to buy new or used.

Should your car shopping encompass new or used inventory?

There are perks to both; really, it depends on your personal situation and preferences when it comes down to car shopping and choosing between new and preowned vehicles. We’re here to break it all down for you so you can make an informed decision!
Perks of a used car
When it comes to car shopping, the perks of a used vehicle include:
You’ll have a lower price up front - the car isn’t new and oftentimes, has already undergone the first big phase of depreciation.
Prices are lower, so you may be able to spring for a higher trim with more features.
You don’t have to worry when you shop with a reputable dealer, like Toyota of Clermont. Many of our used vehicles come with extensive warranties and undergo stringent inspections to give you peace of mind.
Drawbacks of a used car
What are some of the drawbacks? Here are a few to consider:
The car is used, so it may have some cosmetic flaws and the technology and features may be a little dated.
Used vehicles with higher mileage often require bigger repairs sooner and more often, like a timing belt replacement.
If you don’t shop with a reputable dealer, you could end up with a lemon car that costs you a fortune in repairs.
Perks of a new car
What about shopping for a new car? Here are some of the perks of a new Clermont Toyota:
It comes with extensive warranties and is in excellent condition, so you don’t have to worry about getting a lemon.
You’ll have the latest and greatest when it comes to technology and safety features.
You’ll also get perks depending on the make - for example, our Clermont Toyotas offer ToyotaCare, which is no-cost maintenance, for the first 2 years or 24,000 miles.
It’ll be in pristine condition both inside and out.
Drawbacks of a new car
New cars depreciate fast - we’re talking as soon as you drive off the lot. You’ll have to do research before car shopping to ensure you get a make that retains value well.
With some cars, you’ll be “upside down” right away (owe more than the car is worth) because of financing, fees, and taxes. It can take a while to break even and get your money’s worth.

Make buying a car easy with Toyota of Clermont

Which is right for you - new or used? Make your car shopping simple and let Toyota of Clermont help. We’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50, just off the Florida Turnpike.