• Put safe driving into practice in time for the new year!


    Are you practicing safe driving? Do you know how to employ this very important practice? We have tips to share with you. Here at Toyota of Clermont, we’re big proponents of safe driving every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. We also offer a great selection of safe new Clermont Toyota cars that employ the latest and greatest safety technology, so you know you’re in good hands when you shop with us. Let’s talk more about safe driving and some of the elements you can put into practice when behind the wheel of your Clermont Toyota!

    How can you employ safe driving?

    Here are some of the most common (and easiest) ways to practice safe driving in your Clermont Toyota:

    Defensive driving: Defensive driving is an easy way to avoid collision! It basically means developing safe driving habits that help you prevent accidents from happening in the first place, instead of just reacting to them when they’re happening. This includes action items like leaving enough space between you and other cars, following the speed limit, and scanning the road in front of you and to the side of you to take note of other driver’s actions.

    Buckle up: Part of safe driving lies within the cabin of your new Toyota in Clermont… in the seat belts. Every single passenger in your car should be in a seat buckled up before you even leave your driveway or parking spot – if there’s not enough seatbelts, you have too many passengers. Period! This also goes for car seats – part of a safe drive time experience is ensuring that the carseats in your vehicle are installed correctly. You can use the handy LATCH system found in every new car at Toyota of Clermont to make it easy, but if you need help with installation visit your local fire or police department!

    Distracted driving: Driving with distractions can undo ALL of the safe driving habits you’re trying to cultivate when behind the wheel of your new Toyota in Clermont. When you’re behind the wheel, you shouldn’t eat, drink, use your phone, fiddle with the radio, groom yourself, or interact with passengers too much. Distracted driving takes away from your attention on the road and can cause a collision or accident!

    Let Toyota of Clermont get you AND your car into a safe routine this year!

    Car maintenance: Did you know that part of safe driving extends to keeping your car in good shape? This means scheduling routine Clermont auto service for your tires, brakes, wipers, headlights, and the rest of your vehicle! If your car is in good running shape, you won’t need to worry about things like brake failure and tire blowouts (which can cause accidents). Stay on top of car maintenance for a safer driving experience!

    Want more tips on safe driving, or want to explore our safe new Toyota cars in Clermont? Come on down and make it happen! We’re open seven days a week and you can call ahead of time at (888) 590-6090 to schedule your test drive!

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