Do you know how to properly warm up your car?

warm your car up 

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Winter is coming… eventually. Yup, we’re still resting comfortable (or uncomfortably) in the 80’s here in Clermont, but November is just around the corner and we know that holiday travels may take you and your vehicle into colder climates. That’s why we’re here with a few Clermont Toyota tips on warming your car up on those frosty mornings before you hit the road.

Do you really need to warm up your car on cold mornings?

First, let’s talk about the great debate – is it really necessary to warm your car up on cold mornings before you hit the highway? Some drivers believe that it’s smart to let your car idle for a bit to warm things up under the hood, thin out the fluids that have thickened due to the cold, and warm up the fuel. (And let’s be real, it’s nice to climb into a toasty interior on a cold morning.) However, with newer cars this step typically isn’t necessary because things are much more efficient both under the hood and inside the cabin and will warm quickly once you start the engine.

Clermont Toyota tips for warming up your ride

However, if you like to play it safe or if you drive an older vehicle, it’s wise to let your ride warm up a little before you take to the open road when driving in winter. Check out the Clermont Toyota tips below.
Tip #1: Run your car for a few minutes before you leave. You can hop into the driver’s seat and scroll social media while it warms up or just leave it in the driveway, but taking this step can ensure that your ride is ready to roll when you need to leave on those icy cold mornings. All you need to do is idle for a few minutes to get things where they need to be, according to our Clermont Toyota service techs.
Tip #2: Be careful not to lock yourself out. It’s tempting to leave your car warming in the driveway while you look on from the warmth of the house, but be careful – some cars have a self-locking feature where they will lock on their own after a few minutes. The last thing you want to do is lock yourself out of your Clermont Toyota while it’s running. Similarly, if you’re leaving your car to warm and it’s going to be unlocked and out of your sight, be careful – a running, unlocked car is a pretty big temptation to carjackers.
Tip #3: Never warm your car inside a closed garage. This can cause a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide fumes in both the garage and your home. Carbon monoxide is tasteless and odorless and extremely dangerous, leading to serious illness and death. If you’re going to warm your car inside the garage, make sure the garage door is wide open.
Want more tips or need to prep your car for a winter road trip? Call us today – our Clermont Toyota service center can get you out on the road in any weather. We’re open seven days a week at (352) 404-7001.