What steps to take after a car accident

hit and run accidents

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Have you ever been in a hit and run car accident? It's a very scary situation and a lot more stressful than your typical accident. After all, when the other driver takes off they leave you to deal with all of the aftermath by yourself, even if it wasn't your fault. It can be hard to keep your cool in this scenario so why not be prepared? Check out these tips from Toyota of Clermont to print out and keep in your glovebox in case you're ever in a car accident.

Toyota of Clermont's hit-and-run car accident tips 

Tip #1: Before you do anything, make sure no one is injured. If anyone is seriously hurt, immediately call 911 to get an ambulance to the accident scene. If everyone is OK, then it’s time to move your vehicle off the road.

Tip #2: Move your car. Sitting in traffic will cause a traffic jam and make it difficult for first responders to get to you; it also ups your chances of being struck again by a passing car. Move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road if possible and turn on your hazards so you can be seen. If you can’t move, turn on your hazards and move yourself and your passengers off the road.

Tip #3: Write everything down right away. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that you'll forget something. Write everything down about the car accident including where and when it happened and which direction the other driver headed in. Jot down details about the car including make, model, color, and any identifying characteristics (like dents or stickers) and don't forget to record any details you can remember about the other driver.

Tip #4: Call the police and file a report. You'll need to contact the police to report the hit and run driver and also to file a police report for the car accident. Get information from the police on how you can follow up on the accident. Most insurance companies require a copy of the accident report, too, so make sure you get a copy of the police report for your records.

Tip #5: Gather your witnesses. If anyone saw the accident, try to get them to make a statement to the police and write down everything they remember. They may have seen something you didn’t and could be helpful in identifying the hit and run driver.

Tip #6: Treat your injuries. Make sure you go to the hospital, urgent care, or doctor’s office to have your injuries treated and documented for insurance purposes. Also ensure that your passengers do the same.

Tip #7: Contact your insurance company and file a claim. In order to get your car back up and running, you’ll need to file a claim with insurance. Contact them ASAP to get everything on record and get the process started; then you’ll need to find an Orlando body shop to schedule repairs (and we highly recommend our sister store, Toyota of Orlando).

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