Long distance car shopping: Tips from Toyota of Clermont

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Are you looking for a vehicle with super-specific modifications on it to accommodate your drive time needs? Or maybe you’re looking for an older model no longer in production to do a little rehab project. Either way, chances are that your search will take you out of your local area and into another state or even another country. But how is long distance car shopping different than buying in your town or city?

How is long distance car shopping different?

Pretty different, according to our Clermont Toyota sales specialists. Long distance car shopping requires a little more legwork and forethought than just popping into your local dealer, so we’re here to give you helpful tips to maneuver this uncharted territory. Check it out!
Tip 1: Do your car shopping homework.
Unless you’re planning to drive or fly to see your new ride, you may have to buy it sight unseen. This isn’t something we normally recommend at Toyota of Clermont, but we understand that not everyone wants to buy a plane ticket just to take a test drive. Your best bet in this scenario is to ask the seller for a detailed walkaround video so you can see the inside and outside of the vehicle as well as what’s under the hood. Don’t be shy about asking for up close photographs, too.
Additionally, it’s smart to run a CarFax report on the car you’re considering, as well as request service records and warranties from the seller. Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions!
Tip 2: Research the regulations and standards in your state.​​
Did you know that there are fuel and safety standards set for each state and also on a national level? Find out what yours are – you don’t want to purchase a car out of state or out of the country and then not be able to drive it because it doesn’t adhere to the laws in your hometown. Plus, you’d also have to shell out more money to get it street-legal.
Tip 3: Figure out shipping.
Are you going to drive your car home? It may not be possible if it’s an international buy, and you also may not want to put the miles on it. Figure out how you’re shipping it home and be sure to find a reputable shipping company to get it there. Make sure you have “before” photos, and stash away a little cash to pay for any repairs you might need after shipping (some cars sustain damage).

Get tips about car shopping both near and far from Toyota of Clermont

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