• Get ready for spring in with our family's Orlando Toyota Service Centers!


    Spring is definitely on its way here (contrary to what you might believe after the rain and cool temps last week)! Is your car ready for the rising temperatures that are coming? It should be pretty pleasant for the next few months, but preparedness is key if you want your vehicle to have a long-lasting and reliable performance. Our Orlando Toyota Service Centers are here to help you – get ready for spring with auto service!

    Our Orlando Toyota Service Centers can help you spring into the new season!

    Obviously you should seek out routine auto service in Orlando no matter what season it is – things like oil changes and tire rotations need to be taken care of according to the schedule set out by your automaker, but there are certain steps you can take to get your ride ready for the coming season. Here are some tips straight from our Toyota Service Centers in Orlando! 

    • You know the sun will be getting stronger as the days get longer, so go ahead and get your car prepped now! You should give it a solid wash and apply a coat of wax – this will help protect the paint from UV rays. Also give the inside a good detail – you can buy products that are designed to protect surfaces like your dash against UV rays. Our auto service centers in Orlando actually offer full detailing services for your convenience! 
    • Get an oil change! Cold weather can do funky things to your oil, so make sure you consistently check it to ensure it’s clean and full. If it looks a little darker than it should be or isn’t meeting the fill-line mark, bring it in for routine auto service and we’ll get you taken care of!
    • Check your ride’s fluids! Are you planning a spring break road trip? You definitely want to make sure things like oil, coolant, and wiper fluid are full before you hit the highway, as well as double-checking your lines for leaks. Our Toyota Service Centers in Orlando can help you make sure all is good under the hood before you take off – we offer a free multi-point inspection every time you come in!
    • Don’t forget about the tires while you’re at it. Having properly inflated tires with enough tread is essential for traction and safety, but it also helps you take your fuel efficiency to the next level. Have your tires rotated and checked at either one of our Toyota Service Centers – they also have competitive pricing on auto tires if you need a new set for your ride! 


    Ask about our auto service coupons when you get here to save big! 

    Plus, you can get all of this auto service at a price you can afford – we offer Orlando Toyota Service Coupons to help you save big and put those pennies towards a spring break trip instead of an oil change! 

    Give us a call today to schedule any and all of these services – we’re open seven days a week and have the longest service hours in Central Florida! You can schedule your appointment at (866) 945-0493 or swing by in person; we’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall! 

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