• Get all of your auto service in Orlando taken care of – in TWO great locations!


    With the addition of Toyota of Clermont to our family of dealerships, we didn’t just bring in a new place for you to find an amazing selection of new Toyota and used cars. We also brought a new Toyota Service Center into the picture! At our service centers, you’ll find state-of-the-art facilities, new equipment, trained Toyota technicians, and a dedication to ensuring you hit the road as quickly as possible (and with the most affordable prices). Take a look at some of the auto services we offer, as well as which ones are most important to your vehicle! 

    What auto service in Orlando should your car be getting regularly? 

    • Tire rotations and inflations: At both of our dealerships, you can find this important auto service in Orlando at an affordable price. It’s essential to ensure that your tires are wearing evenly, which is why both rotations and inflations are important. If they’re not wearing evenly, they tend to wear out faster (which means you have to fork out for a whole new set). Additionally, if your tires’ PSI gets too low, it can cause you to both lose traction on the road as well as take a chunk out of your fuel efficiency! 
    • Oil changes: Getting your car’s oil changed is probably one of the most important auto services that you can fulfill. Oil is absolutely a non-negotiable when it comes to recommended maintenance – you need to make sure that you care has enough clean oil to run efficiently! Oil keeps your engine lubricated and prevents it from overheating… without it, the metal inside the engine can actually get so hot that it welds together, causing engine seizure (and your bank account will NOT be happy). Get your oil changes in Orlando with us! 
    • Air filter changes: Your air filter may not sound too important but trust us, it is. This part helps to make sure that dirt and debris stay out of your engine so it can pull in a sufficient amount of clean air. If it’s too dirty, it hinders airflow. If it’s not working, debris could be finding its way into your engine to create bigger problems. Don’t leave this to chance – take care of it as recommended by your car’s owner’s manual! 

    Visit our Toyota Service Centers today! 

    There are other things you should have addressed as well – checking your brakes, making sure you have all of your fluids clean and filled, checking hoses and belts for damage, and replacing wiper blades as needed, for examples. Our Toyota Service Centers can help you take care of all of these and more! Plus, when you bring your vehicle in for auto service, we’ll give you a free multi-point inspection to make sure no problems are about to pop up. 

    Schedule your auto service with us today – you can visit Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road (866-945-0493) or Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50 (866-454-1614). Don’t forget to ask how you can save big with our service specials! 


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