How to prevent flood damage: Toyota of Clermont's tips

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Hurricane Dorian might have given us a near miss, but that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear just yet! Hurricane season stretches through the end of November, which means there’s still opportunity for bad weather to head our way. One of the biggest threats we face to our vehicles in hurricanes and tropical storms is flood damage, and it can easily hit your car with irreparable damage. Toyota of Clermont is here with tips to help you avoid it next time a storm is headed our way!

Don’t let flood damage happen to your ride

Tip #1: Park your car on higher ground.
Parking on higher ground will help prevent floodwaters from ever reaching your vehicle. Choose your spot carefully; you want it to be higher than surrounding areas, but our Clermont auto service experts also recommend looking up. You want to avoid parking in areas where there are trees or power poles, as the wind can take these down and send them flying into your car. If you live near the coast where flooding is imminent, consider moving your car further inland until the storm is over.
Tip #2: Make sure everything is sealed up tight and park under cover if you can.
Before you say goodbye to your ride, make sure everything is sealed up tight to prevent flood damage. All windows should be shut all the way (as well as the sunroof if you have one), and all doors should be firmly shut. You’ll also want to ensure that your trunk is closed properly. If you can park under cover, even better - this will help prevent flood damage.
Tip #3: Disconnect your car’s battery.
It sounds odd, but our Clermont Toyota service techs recommend disconnecting your car’s battery during a storm if you’re worried about flood damage. If water hits the battery and it’s connected, you run the risk of your electrical system short-circuiting, which means big-time damage. Just remember to reconnect it when things dry out and test the voltage to ensure it’s still working in top condition.
Tip #4: Don’t drive through puddles, especially right after a storm.
You should never drive through puddles in your Clermont Toyota, but especially right after a storm. You don’t know how deep the water is and it could quickly damage your vehicle, as well as pose a dangerous hazard to you and your passengers. Avoid puddles if at all possible and if you can’t, try to drive along the edge where it should be the shallowest.

What should you do if your car suffers flood damage?

And if you suspect your car has flood damage, call your insurance agency and our Toyota Service Center in Clermont immediately. You shouldn’t try to drive it - instead, have it towed in so our expert service techs can take a peek at what’s going on under the hood.
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