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Are you ready for fun in the sun? Summer is upon us - temps are climbing in Central Florida and Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. That means it’s time to adjust your driving safety habits and get your car prepped for the switch of the seasons. Toyota of Clermont is here with tips from our experts on how to best employ summer driving safety and also how to get your car ready for the road. Read on!

Clermont Toyota driving safety tips

#1: Be mindful of the fact that there may be more traffic.
Summer is an extremely popular time to travel because school is out, and this is especially true because we live in Central Florida with close proximity to the beaches and the theme parks. You should expect more traffic (especially on the highways) and check your route BEFORE you leave so if necessary, you can take an alternate way to your final destination to save yourself the time and frustration.
#2: Watch out for teen drivers on the road.
Since school is out, teen drivers are out on the road more often. Summer is also the season where we see the highest rates of teen traffic fatalities. You should prepare your teen driver carefully if they’re going to be spending more time behind the wheel this summer - enroll them in driver’s education and make sure they get plenty of practice before you cut them loose. You yourself should be very aware of your surroundings and use defensive driving safety skills to avoid accidents.
#3: Don’t let your car overheat.
Clermont summers can be scorching, and to avoid an overheated car you need to stay on top of routine Clermont Toyota maintenance. This means getting routine oil changes to keep your engine cool and also staying on top of fluid maintenance, especially when it comes to your coolant.
#4: Avoid blowouts with a little preparation.
Summer is hard on your car tires. The pavement is extremely hot, causing wear and tear, but not only that, the air inside of your tires heats up and expands. This creates the perfect conditions for a blowout, especially if your car tires are in bad shape. Part of driving safety is keeping your car in good shape, so schedule a tire inspection to look at things like PSI, overall tire condition, and tread depth.
#5: Practice your towing driving safety before you try it.
Do you know how to employ driving safety when towing? Part of it is preparing your vehicle and knowing its weight limits, but part of it is knowing how to safely tow. Brush up on your towing habits and ensure you know how to handle heavy weights (like a boat or jet skis) before you actually hit the road. 

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