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Did you know that the transmission in your car is absolutely vital to performance? It moves power from the engine to the wheels (which gets your car moving), and it also allows your car to shift through gears so it can accelerate and slow down. Without a properly working transmission, you’re going nowhere fast. And in order to have a properly working transmission, you need transmission fluid.

What does transmission fluid do?

Transmission fluid has two jobs under the hood. First, it keeps things cool so nothing overheats. Second, it keeps all of the parts in your transmission moving fluidly together, allowing your car to easily and efficiently shift gears. However, if it gets contaminated with debris or the levels get too low, you’re in for an issue. At the very least, you’ll have performance issues. At the very worst, you’ll find that your car simply won’t move at all.
How do you know you’re low on transmission fluid? Our Clermont auto service techs showed us four surefire signs you need a maintenance appointment. Check them out!
Sign #1: Your transmission is slipping.

Does it feel like your car is slipping when it changes gears? You'll notice that it TRIES to make it into the next gear but just can't quite finish the job. Other signs of a slipping transmission include weird noises from under the hood when shifting, choppiness when the car finally makes it into the next gear, and spiking RPMs just before your vehicle shifts. Regardless, you need Clermont auto service so our techs can check out your transmission system.

Sign #2: There’s a delay in engaging gears.
When you shift into park or drive and you’re low on fluid, you may feel a bit of a delay – usually about 2-3 seconds – before it actually engages. This can quickly escalate into a bigger problem, so let our Clermont auto service experts check things out for you.
Sign #3: The timing of your shifts is off.

Does it feel like your car is taking too long (or too short) of a time to shift into the next gear, especially when accelerating? This can indicate a low level of transmission fluid or a problem within the system. Bring your ride into our Toyota service center.

Sign #4: Your car won’t shift at all.
It doesn’t matter if you drive a manual or an automatic – your car has to shift gears to move. If you find that it won’t shift gears at all, you can try adding more transmission fluid to see if that gets you going. However, even if it does we recommend bringing your car into Toyota of Clermont for a thorough inspection before you hit the road again.

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