How can you slow vehicle depreciation?

Trade in car tips 

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Everyone knows that vehicle depreciation is just a fact of life. Your car, whether you like it or not, will lose value during your ownership of it due to wear and tear. There’s really no getting around it, but luckily for you, Toyota of Clermont is here with tips to help you combat and slow vehicle depreciation so you can actually get what your vehicle is worth when you decide to trade in or sell in the future.

Vehicle depreciation explained

But before you can combat it, you need to know what vehicle depreciation actually is! Here’s a simple explanation: your car loses value over time, regardless of what make, model, or trim you choose. To be exact, most vehicles lose between 15-35% of their value in the first year of ownership and will continue to lose value over time, albeit more slowly. By three years of ownership, most vehicles have lost up to 50% of their value. In short, this means you won’t get what you paid for the vehicle when you sell or trade in down the road.
However, you can still get what the car is WORTH if you take steps to slow vehicle depreciation. Here are 4 Clermont Toyota tips to help you do it!
Tip #1: Choose your make and model carefully.
While it’s true that ALL vehicles face vehicle depreciation, some models age more gracefully than others. You’ll find that certain makes or models hold value and depreciate more slowly than others (like Toyotas, for instance, which are renowned across the market for holding their value well).
Tip #2: Consider what future buyers might want.
If you’re planning to trade in or sell in the future, which features do you think are most desirable to future buyers? Think about things like fuel efficiency (always a benefit), neutral paint colors (they’re most popular), and believe it or not, size. Larger, more expensive cars have less demand than smaller and more affordable options. Finally, think about where you live. All-wheel drive, for example, is a must-have for drivers who live in snowy climates, but it’s not too popular here in Clermont.

Let Toyota of Clermont help you maintain your car

Tip #3: Maintain your vehicle on a schedule.
Routine Clermont auto service is essential for combating vehicle depreciation. A well-cared for vehicle will retain its value MUCH more than a vehicle that has a spotty service history. Stay on top of routine car care and keep your vehicle on a schedule (our Clermont auto service techs can get you on one), and be sure to address repairs and other services immediately to keep your car in like-new condition.
Tip #4: Be mindful of mileage.
You bought the car to drive it, but that doesn’t mean you should dump unnecessary miles onto the odometer. Get your use of it, but be mindful of the mileage as you drive. The higher the miles are, the quicker a car will depreciate.
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