Off-roading for beginners: 4 helpful tips

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Is the new year striking up a new sense of adventure in your life? Sometimes the best way to find it is to take things off the pavement, but if you’re thinking about making off-roading a hobby, you need to be prepared. It’s not as simple as just hitting the trail! Toyota of Orlando is here with 4 tips for off-roading beginners to help – check it out.

Toyota of Orlando’s off-roading tips for beginners

Tip #1: Try to find a group to ride the trails with.

If you're a newb when it comes to tackling the trails, consider finding a group to ride with, at least for the first few times. Not only is it more fun to ride with other people, they can also lend you their expertise. They can help you get to know your way around the trails and also show you how to best execute technical maneuvers without damaging your Orlando Toyota.

Tip #2: Check to see if your car can handle the terrain.

Do you have the right Orlando Toyota for the job? Some cars – for example, the Toyota Prius or Toyota Camry – are NOT built for tricky terrain. Their main focus is comfort, fuel efficiency, and convenience. Our trucks, on the other hand, come with features that make off-roading a breeze. You'll want to choose a vehicle that has options like 4x4, off-road tires, a good suspension system, and locking differential, to name a few. Some of our best options include the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Toyota 4Runner.

Tip #3: Make a checklist for your supplies.
Never hit the trails empty-handed! Regardless of how long you’re going riding, you should have the right supplies on hand. Bring snacks, water, and medicine, and don’t forget to pack a basic first aid kit. You should also bring along jumper cables, a spare tire, a lug wrench, and a jack, as well as a shovel and flashlight. Don’t forget to bring a phone charger and it’s always a good idea to have a GPS AND a paper map on hand in case you need to find your way.
Tip #4: Consider taking your ride to the next level.
If you’re serious about off-roading, it may be time to upgrade your ride… and Toyota of Orlando can help you do it. You can up your game by adding accessories and parts like off-road tires, mud flaps, tow hooks, new suspension, a winch, and more. And the best news? You can get it all at our Orlando Toyota parts department – just let our techs know what part of your vehicle’s performance you want to make more off-road-friendly and we’ll help you find what you need.

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