• Toyota of Orlando takes you off-road!


    Have you ever considered taking your new Toyota in Orlando off the pavement? If you have, then you’re not alone – tons of Toyota drivers in Central Florida do it every single day. Whether you’re headed out to take on trails in the Ocala National Forest or thinking about taking your ride out on Daytona Beach for Spring Break 2014, there’s plenty of local opportunities to take things off-road!

    What is off-roading, and what does it mean for your new Toyota? 

    Did you know there are actually a ton of different ways to take your Orlando Toyota off-road? Here are some of the more common ones and what they mean (so you’re armed with the right lingo when you hit the dusty trail): 

    • Mudding: Basically, mudding is exactly what it sounds like – it’s when you plow your new Toyota in Orlando through as much mud as you possibly can. Getting stuck and digging your way out is half the fun! However, it’s also tricky – mud can cover branches, rocks, and other debris that can get in the way. 
    • Rock crawling: This is when you take your new Toyota out onto rocky terrain and traverse across it – you’re truly “crawling” over the rocks, and it can be extremely challenging! 
    • Dune bashing: Ever been to the beach or out in the desert and driven your new Toyota over the sand dunes? Then you know what dune-bashing is, and how difficult it can be to traverse the course without getting stuck! 
    • Green laning: This might be one of the most common types of off-roading, because you can do it just about anywhere. Green laning is when you take your new Toyota in Orlando on any surface that’s not pavement, whether it’s muddy back roads or forest trails that are wide enough. 


    What features do you need on your Orlando Toyota to take things off-road?

    So now you’ve got the lingo – what types of features do you need on your Orlando Toyota to be able to take your wheels off the pavement? Here are some things you should take into consideration (and don’t forget, our Toyota Parts Center can help you order and install tons of parts aimed at off-road performance!): 

    • Four-wheel drive
    • A solid amount of torque so you can get yourself out of sticky situations
    • CRAWL Control (for those rock crawling adventures you decide to take on)
    • Specially tuned tires for off-roading – you’ll need tires that have bigger treads so you can get better traction on slippery surfaces
    • A flexible suspension system, like the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System you’ll find in some of our new Toyota models
    • Active traction control
    • A multi-terrain monitor

    And more – plus, we have TRD (Toyota Racing Development) packages that are perfect for all of your off-road adventures! 

    Want more info or to have one of our skilled product sales specialists take a look at your ride to see if it’s off-road worthy? Come by Toyota of Orlando today – we’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall at 3575 Vineland Road! See you soon! 

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