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Spring has definitely arrived in Central Florida - it’s getting warmer, the flowers and trees are in bloom, and the sun is shining (although that never really stops). The arrival of spring means summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to adjust your car care routine a little. Toyota of Orlando is here to share tips on conducting a car wash in the summer so your ride stays looking like-new year round!

Learn how to car wash like a pro

Tip #1: Pick a shady spot for your car wash.
Washing your car in the sun is never a good idea. It may seem ideal since you can get the job done AND work on your tan, but resist the temptation to do it. When you conduct your car wash in the sun, the car starts to dry in the spots that are in direct sunlight. This means you’ll be left with unsightly water spots and have to start the process over again. Choose a shady spot or try to wash your car in the early morning or late evening.
Tip #2: Choose the right supplies (not just what you have on hand).
Using any old soap on your car can do a lot more harm than good. Soaps that aren’t formulated for cars - like dish soap - can actually strip the protective wax off of your car’s paint. This leaves it more susceptible to fading, scratches, and even rust. Have our Orlando Toyota parts store point you in the right direction; we sell plenty of car wash supplies in our parts store.
Tip #3: Never use a sponge or cloth that you’ve dropped.
When you drop your sponge or cloth on the ground, it more than likely gets sand and dirt on it. And even if you give it a rinse, those particles can still be stuck to it, which means they’re going to scratch your car’s paint when you get back to work. Toss the sponge or cloth in the wash and use it next time - keep extra clean ones on hand in case you have butter fingers.
Tip #4: Use a microfiber towel to dry.
It’s tempting to grab an old bath towel to dry your ride, but don’t - rougher, older fabrics can scratch your paint. Use a microfiber cloth instead. They’re soft and absorbent, and we sell them at Toyota of Orlando for your convenience (just saying).
Tip #5: Always apply wax before you head inside.
The best way to finish off your car wash is to apply a solid coat of wax to your car. (This should also be done in the shade, not in direct sunlight.) Wax will keep your car shiny, and it’ll also protect it from scratches, dirt and debris, fading (from harmful UV rays), and rust. Always finish things up with a coat of quality wax - our Orlando Toyota parts experts can help you choose the right one.

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