6 Orlando Toyota car care tips for decluttering your ride

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Feel like your ride needs a bit of sprucing up to make back to school even easier? Between carpool, band practice, soccer, and any other after-school activities your kids are involved in, you’re bound to be spending a lot more time in the car than you did this summer… and no one wants to ride around in a cluttered, messy car. Not only is it annoying, it can be dangerous should you come to a sudden stop or get into an accident.

Use these car care tips to keep your ride clean and clutter-free

Luckily for you, Toyota of Orlando is here to help! We have car care tips on how to declutter your car quickly and efficiently and keep it in excellent shape all year long. Check it out.
Tip #1: Take inventory of your ride and do it periodically.
What exactly do you have inside your ride? Do you really need three extra pairs of shoes floating around “just in case”? Take inventory of what’s in your car and do away with anything extraneous - you’ll be surprised at how much you take out of your car and instantly feel like it’s less cluttered. You should perform this car care periodically, too - you don’t need a winter coat in the cargo area in June.
Tip #2: Explore all the storage options.
Do you really know all of the storage opportunities in your car? Explore it - you may be surprised to find you have under-seat storage in the backseat or under-floor storage in the trunk or cargo area. This can provide you with new places to stash your stuff and keep your car organized and decluttered.
Tip #3: Come up with categories for how you’re going to store things.
Know how to store your belongings. You want to keep things that are important (like registration and insurance) or that you use frequently (like charging cords) within reach, maybe storing them in your glovebox. Things like extra diapers or non-perishable snacks may be better stored in the backseat of your Orlando Toyota, while things you use infrequently - like your emergency car care kit - should probably make their way to the trunk or cargo area, or even under-floor storage.

Clean your Orlando Toyota regularly

Tip #4: Clean the inside of your car.
There’s no better way to hold yourself accountable for clutter than to clean your car. You should be performing this type of car care regularly anyway, but it’ll help you to spot clutter right away and hopefully remind you to do away with it. Make sure you vacuum, wipe, and dust the inside of your Orlando Toyota on a routine basis.
Tip #5: Keep a garbage can inside the car.
It’s tempting to shove empty cups and wrappers in the door cupholders, we know. Keep a trash bag or small, closed trashcan (like a plastic cereal holder) in the car at all times so you have a place to stash your trash and aren’t tempted to turn it into clutter.
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