Toyota of Orlando tips: Prepping your car for driving in the rain

Toyota of Orlando tips 

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While Florida is known for its beaches, sunshine, and seemingly endless summer, what some people often forget is that we get our fair share of rain. Almost every afternoon in the summer we get lines of thunderstorms that typically eat into everyone’s after-school and after-work commute. However, if you prepare yourself and your car for driving in the rain, you can handle it like a pro. Toyota of Orlando is here to help you do it - check out these 5 tips for getting your car ready for wet weather.

5 ways to prep your car for driving in the rain

#1: Stay on top of replacing your wiper blades.
You need your windshield wiper blades to clear your windshield properly so you can see everything going on around you when driving in the rain. If your wipers are making odd noises (like squealing or chattering), are smearing water around the glass, or leaving streaks, then you’re due for a new set. Come to our Orlando Toyota parts store and let our techs help you choose the right ones - they can even help you install.
#2: Schedule brake service on the regular.
You always want your brakes in the best condition ever, but especially when driving in the rain - you’re going to face slippery conditions and you may need to make sudden stops. Make sure you stay on top of routine brake service at Toyota of Orlando. Our techs will inspect, maintain, and make any necessary repairs to the entire system to give you full stopping power at all times.
#3: Test your defroster often.
With the heat and humidity that comes into play in the Sunshine State, you’re bound to have foggy windows when driving in the rain. The best way to combat it? By using your car’s defroster (trust us, trying to wipe it with a rag is annoying). Make sure that your defroster, A/C, and heater are all working well - our Orlando auto service techs are happy to help you check the system.

Let our Orlando Toyota service techs prep your car for wet weather

#4: Check out your lights.
You’ll need your headlights turned on when driving in the rain so you can see better but also so other drivers can clearly see your car! However, headlights aren’t all you should worry about - also check the bulbs and condition of your taillights, turn signals, and hazard lights before taking on wet weather.
#5: Don’t ignore your tires.
Your tires are essential for providing traction and gripping the road, which is pretty essential when you’re taking on rainy weather. You should regularly inspect them for damage (like bubbles or sidewall separation) and check tread depth to ensure it’s deep enough to provide the proper traction. Additionally, you want to make sure they’re always inflated to the proper PSI - if it’s too high or too low, you won’t get the right traction.
Think you need to schedule auto service to get your car ready for wet weather? Call Toyota of Orlando today - we’re open seven days a week at (407) 298-0001!