• Take a long look at the history of the Orlando Toyota Corolla


    Did you know that the Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling compact cars in the world? It didn’t get to that spot overnight, however. This new Toyota in Orlando has actually been around a lot longer than you probably think, and it’s only improved its style, performance, and reliability in its time on the automotive market. In fact, over 80% of Toyota Corolla sold in the past 20 years are still hitting the road! Since it’s one of the most popular new Toyota options at our dealership, we’re going to take a look at its history – starting from the beginning!  

    Meet the Toyota Corolla! 

    The Orlando Toyota Corolla was first introduced in America in 1968; however, it was a far cry from the new Toyota we know and love today! This particular model was structured around dependability and just as importantly, simplicity. It only provided 60 horsepower (compared to the 132 hp it offers today!), and only came in a manual transmission. It was available in a two-door wagon, two-door coupe, or four-door sedan style, so it suited a wide variety of drivers. 

    It evolved rapidly over the years, however – here are some of the high points in the life of the Toyota Corolla in Orlando


    • In 1979 the 4th Generation Toyota Corolla was introduced to drivers, and it integrated more choice. You could pick between a four-speed manual, five-speed manual, or a three-speed automatic transmission. A new 1.6 liter engine delivered increased horsepower of 75, and a slick new exterior rounded out the package. The SR5 was the most popular model of this generation! 
    • In 1982, Toyota took the performance of the Orlando Toyota Corolla to the next level and introduced a four-speed automatic transmission. Why was this a big deal? Likely because it was one of the only economy cars on the market to come standard with such a feature! 
    • When the 1990’s rolled in, the Toyota Corolla got a new designation – it was dubbed a compact car rather than a subcompact car by the EPA. It also now boasted the option of anti-lock brakes (which are now found standard on every one of our new Toyota in Orlando), as well as enhanced torque and a smoother driving experience overall. 


    Test drive this new Toyota in Orlando today! 

    Since then, things have only improved even more! Like we said, the 2013 Toyota Corolla in Orlando is one of the best-selling compact cars in the world and we don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially with the 2014 redesign coming soon. Additionally, Toyota is introducing two new special edition models this year – stay tuned, as they should be at Toyota of Orlando soon! 

    Want to learn more about this iconic Toyota? Why not come take it for a test drive and judge for yourself why it’s such a popular, remarkable vehicle? We’re located just off I-4 at 3575 Vineland Road, near the Millenia Mall. You can also give us a call at (888) 725-3520 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales associates. We’ll see you soon!