• Toyota beats out BMW for global car brand value


    When you think of high brand value, your mind probably swings to more high-end luxury automotive manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Get ready to toss that preconception in the trash! According to a recent study conducted by the marketing company Brandz, Toyota has the highest global car brand value this year, beating out BMW and Mercedes with ease! They made the top 100 list for brand value this year with a total brand value of $24.5 billion, sitting pretty alongside other bigwig brands like Apple. It’s no surprise to us at Toyota of Orlando – we think the automotive giant is well-deserving of the honor! 

    New Toyota hybrids in Orlando are part of the brand’s success

    What makes Toyota’s global brand value so high? Researchers seem to think it’s their hybrid vehicles, which are best-sellers on a global basis. The Toyota Prius in Orlando is actually the best-selling hybrid in the entire world. There are also plenty of other hybrid options available. You can choose from the Toyota Prius c, Prius v, Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and new Avalon Hybrid… and those are just in the US! 

    Toyota hybrids have been leading the pack for quite some time thanks to their innovative technology. The first one out on the market was the Orlando Toyota Prius, which was born in Japan in 1997 and came to the US in 2000. Since then, millions have been sold and Toyota even has plans to add more to the lineup by 2015! 


    Orlando Toyota Prius is a parallel hybrid 

    Each of these innovative cars delivers big in terms of both fuel efficiency and performance. The 2013 Toyota Prius in Orlando, for example, offers drivers 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway. It employs a parallel hybrid system, as opposed to competitors like the Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Insight, which use a mild hybrid system. A mild hybrid uses the gasoline engine as the primary power source, while a parallel hybrid switches off between a gasoline engine and an electric motor as often as possible. This is how the excellent fuel efficiency that the Toyota Prius offers is achieved! 

    You’ll also find eco-friendliness integrated into the performance of Toyota hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Since they do cut down on how much a gasoline engine is used, they also cut down drastically on the emissions that gasoline engines produce. These harmful emissions cause smog, so our Orlando Toyota dealership is proud to provide our customers with a green solution that can help alleviate this problem! 

    Want to see for yourself why Toyota has been awarded the top spot got global car brand value, or explore your options for going green in 2013? Visit Toyota of Orlando today! We have an incredible selection of affordable hybrid options for you to take out for a spin. We’re conveniently located just off I-4, near the Millenia Mall. You can swing by today – we’re open until 10pm, seven days a week for your convenience. Don’t forget to check out our new Toyota specials for more opportunities to save big! 


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