• Delve into the past of the Orlando Toyota Tacoma!


    Have you ever sat down and thought about where it all began with your new Toyota in Orlando? Toyota has been around for quite some time – their first engine was created way back in 1934, and their first car hit the market just three years after that in 1936. So many of our Toyota vehicles have a long and illustrious history, and best-selling performance and reputation to go along with it! This definitely applies to the new Toyota Tacoma in Orlando; this truck has been #1 in the compact truck segment since 2005! 

    Where did the 2014 Toyota Tacoma actually begin? 

    However, where did the 2014 Toyota Tacoma in Orlando find its roots? The first new Toyota pickup truck was put into the public’s hands back in 1946 with the release of the Toyota SB; this was soon followed by the RK or Stout, and then the Toyota Hilux in 1968! 

    When did the Orlando Toyota Tacoma hit the market? 1995 – Toyota’s goal was to replace the current model, the Toyota Pickup, with something that was more versatile. Basically, they wanted to provide consumers with a pickup truck that was suitable for work, but also comfortable and accommodating enough to use as an everyday vehicle! 


    Take a trip down memory lane with this Orlando Toyota truck 

    Here are a few highlights from the history of the new Toyota Tacoma in Orlando! 

    • Like we said, this new Toyota truck hit the market in 1995. It was available in manual or automatic, and you could find it in three engine sizes: 2.4L 4-cylinder, 27L 4-cylinder, and 3.4L V6. 
    • All of these engines offered pretty incredible fuel efficiency – in fact, the 2.4L 4-cylinder helped Toyota truck drivers save big with 29 mpg! 
    • This new Toyota truck in Orlando was also available in both 2- and 4-wheel drive, a nod to Toyota’s attempt to make it more adaptable for both work and play. 
    • 1998 brought the extremely popular Pre-Runner style to the table, and introduced a refresh as well. New stylistic enhancements were made to the grille and tailgate, and more safety features were throw into the mix, such as more airbags. 
    • 2001 brought the S-Runner model to the table; it was a specialized model that had particular appearance aspects and performance aspects not found on other models (like special alloy wheels and specific shocks). 
    • 2005 introduced the second generation of the Toyota Tacoma! This was also the year that the popular truck became the best-selling compact pickup truck in the nation, and it’s held strong since then. 
    • The S-Runner trim-level was soon replaced with the X-Runner trim-level, which was another specialized option for drivers that wanted a specific look and performance under their hands when they got behind the wheel. 
    • In 2009, these new Toyota trucks didn’t just get a refresh… Toyota also moved the production of the Toyota Tacoma from Mexico to its current home in San Antonio, TX!

    Obviously, this is just a brief overview of where this exceptional vehicle has been in the past. Want more details? Come into Toyota of Orlando (888-725-3520) or Toyota of Clermont (888-590-6090) today to get the scoop! You can even take the most current 2014 model out for a test drive. Our family of dealerships is open seven days a week until 10pm! 

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