• Treat your new Scion in Orlando to routine auto service today!


    No matter which new Scion in Orlando you decide to make your own, it’s important to take care of it and give it the tools it needs for a long and healthy life! This is where routine auto service comes into play – and luckily for you, Toyota of Orlando has a fully staffed Toyota Service Center that can address all of your automotive maintenance and repairs with ease! We even offer auto service specials in Orlando to help you save money!

    Why is auto service in Orlando so important? 

    Why is routine auto service so important? Basically, it gives your vehicle the components it needs to function at a high level. It also gives our trained Toyota technicians a chance to scope out your vehicle and ensure no problems are starting to develop – they can nip them in the bud before they become extremely costly and time-consuming! 

    Here are a few things that you should ensure your vehicle gets on a regular basis: 


    • Oil changes and fluids: It’s essential that your vehicle have enough clean oil to keep the engine lubricated so it doesn’t overheat and seize up. Additionally, your car needs clean and sufficient amounts of other fluids, such as coolant, to run in top-notch condition. When you bring in your car for routine auto service, our technicians will check all of them for you! 
    • Spark plugs: Some people might not consider this routine, but you should definitely have your spark plugs checked on a regular basis! When they start to deteriorate, it can have a major effect on your car’s performance. Have them examined and replace them as necessary! 
    • Air filter: The air filter doesn’t sound too important, but it plays a large role in your car’s performance! It actually filters the air that goes into the engine to prevent dirt and debris from going in there. You need to keep it clean to ensure enough air is entering and your vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency! 
    • Brakes: You need to have your brakes checked on a routine basis as well – this service can save you from extremely costly repairs. For example, when your brake pads start to wear out the rotors can sustain damage… talk about a hit on your wallet! 
    • Tires: We know, we know – we never stop talking about how important it is to incorporate your tires into your routine auto service in Orlando. That’s because it is! You need to make sure your tires are always properly inflated and have enough treat on them to keep you safe and your vehicle as fuel efficient as possible. Tire rotations are important as well, for even wear!


    Check out our Orlando service specials today! 

    Have questions about what type of routine auto service you should be providing for your new Scion? Come down to Toyota of Orlando today and our trained technicians will be happy to help you out. You can schedule a service appointment at (866) 945-0493, and don’t forget to ask about our auto service specials! 

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