• Get your car prepped for winter with Toyota Service!


    p>Are you taking your car up north this winter to see the family for the holidays? If you’re accustomed to Central Florida weather, you may not be ready for freezing temperatures or snowy conditions. If you’re not ready, your car probably isn’t ready either. Keeping your vehicle drivable in the snow is important, and that’s why our Toyota Service Center in Orlando is sharing car hacks and auto service tips for the winter!


    Beat winter weather with Toyota service tips!

    If you’re not sure how to prevent your vehicle from frostbite or you need a refresher, we can help! The experts at our Orlando Toyota Service Center know a couple of ways to save you time in the snow. Instead of spending extended amounts of time on breaking, scraping and melting ice – use these helpful winter car hacks!

    • Hand sanitizer on the door handles and locks to de-ice them. The alcohol in hand sanitizer allows the ice on door handles and door locks to melt quickly, and shortens your time spent stuck outside in the cold!
    • Use a pair of socks to prevent your windshield wipers from freezing to the glass. Falling snow and ice will cause the wiper blades to freeze to the windshield, but you can stop this from happening by raising the blades up and placing a sock on each.
    • Plastic bags on the side mirrors stop the mirrors from being covered in snow. Use rubber bands or clothespins to keep the plastic bags in place and block falling snow.
    • Shaving cream gets rid of a foggy windshield. This moisture in the air from the frozen precipitation causes a foggy windshield with minimum to no visibility. Show fog the door with shaving cream applied to the inside of the glass and then wiped off with a towel.

    Prepare an emergency kit for unexpected winter hazards. If the snow leaves you stranded or stuck, it’s best to have a kit inside of your vehicle that can help you. This kit should include items like winter clothes, a thermal blanket, bottled water, matches, hand warmers and other emergency supplies.

    Orlando auto service is a road trip preparation must!

    Before hitting the road, make sure your car is caught up with routine car maintenance and other auto services. Once you have your car hack materials packed, bring your car into our Orlando Toyota Service Center for affordable car maintenance. Prior to facing wintery weather have our auto service technicians check your:

    • Motor oil: Get a cheap oil change in Orlando before heading for a long distance drive.
    • Tires: Have the tire pressure checked and the tread depth measured by our Toyota service technicians.
    • Car battery: Check the voltage of your Orlando car battery so it doesn’t die and leave you stranded in the snow.
    • Brakes: Have your worn brake pads replaced and the rest of the braking system serviced.

    You’ve got your winter car hacks prepped and your car caught up with Toyota service, now what? Hit the road! Enjoy the cold weather that we don’t always get to experience here in Central Florida! To schedule Toyota service in Orlando, give us a call at (866) 945-0493!

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