Police: Former Gator QB Chris Leak accused of sexual offenses by teen

ORLANDO, Fla. — Former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak resigned as the head coach at Edgewater High School on Monday. The school did not give a reason, but in a police report obtained by WFTV, a 16-year-old female accuses Leak of inappropriate sexual advances.

The Orlando Police Department is investigating the case, but Leak hasn't been charged with anything.

Leak, in his first year as a high school head coach, asked the girl for a massage, according to the report because his regular massage therapist wasn't available. He then told her to put on "soothing music" and turn the lights down.

She says he took a shower and came back to the school's athletic-trainer office wearing a towel.

The report continues, "Coach Leak then laid down on the training bench on his stomach. I massaged the back of his legs for 15 minutes. I told him I was done because my hands got tired. Coach Leak then rolled over on his back. Coach Leak then told me to massage the front of his legs. He pulled my hands up to touch his penis. My hand grazed his penis a few times. His penis was hard when I touched it. At that point I got up and said I was done."

The female says she walked out of the office and ignored Leak's phone call. But he then called her again and asked if she needed a ride home.

She says Leak took her to get food then took her home.

The report also says Leak gave the girl's friend $100. It's not clear if that's the same amount she says she negotiated with Leak before the massage.

The female claims the incident happened Labor Day.