• Top tips for visiting Legoland Florida near Orlando

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    Legoland Florida is a prime destination for Lego lovers big and small. The resort destination near Orlando offers families more than a day's worth of options from rides and attractions to a water park and shows.

    Read on to find tips for visiting Legoland Florida.


    For a family-friendly destination near Disney World but completely different, Legoland hits the mark. A 45-minute drive from the Magic Kingdom, Legoland is located in Winter Haven, Florida.


    Unlike it's magical vacation destination down the road, Legoland is not open every day. It's important to check ahead of time to make sure that the park will be open the day your family wants to go. Hours for open days vary from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


    Are two days better than one? At Legoland Florida, it seems like they might be. The park regularly offers great ticket prices on extending your stay at the resort; it's one of the best tips for visiting Legoland.

    When it comes time to buying tickets, you can save money by purchasing them ahead of time. Discounts are available for visitors who purchase tickets from the Legoland site before visiting. But that's not the only option for reduced pricing available.

    VisitOrlando.com offers admission discounts to not only Legoland but also other Orlando dining and attractions. And MouseSavers isn't just for Disney discounts; would-be visitors to Legoland can find discounts here as well.

    Bargain hunters take note: if you're planning to drive to the park, get an added discount by purchasing your parking online at the Legoland site.

    Weather can be all over the map

    Since Florida weather can be so unpredictable, it might be best to plan your visit to the
    park with that little fact in mind.

    By structuring your vacation so that you hit the outside attractions first, you can save indoor fun for the many times a rainstorm hits the area. The best options for indoor activities are Lego Mindstorm, 4D movies, Hero Factory build and the Warner Brothers Video Game Center.

    Prepare yourself for water rides

    If you're getting the full experience, you're bound to get a little soggy in the park. Visitors should prepare ahead of time by packing rain gear or a change of clothes. While on-site purchases of rain gear are possible, planning ahead will save you money.

    Trading is a big deal

    Kids and adults alike can have fun at Legoland Florida. The minifigure trading game is popular. Staffers on site wear minifigures on their name tags and are prepared to trade them with visitors, so be sure to take a handful of your least favorite figures to trade.

    There's also a Minifigure Ambassador on site pinned with dozens of figures. Be on the lookout for him or her as you travel the park.

    Avoid the lines

    What fun is a vacation if you spend the entire time in lines? Follow these insider tips for getting around a stand-in-line time:

    • Consider spending the night on site. Visitors who stay at a Legoland hotel get the option of early admission.
    • The early bird gets the worm or, at least, the best spot in the park. If you plan your trip with the goal of being there a half-hour early, you will be light years ahead of other visitors - and maybe first in line.
    • Start in the back and spend the day working your way forward. By the time the other crowds get to the back, you'll have already conquered those rides and be ready to move on to the ones closer to the front.
    • Register early - as soon as you get there - for the Mindstorm robotic challenge. This popular experience gets full quickly, so planning ahead makes a difference for visitors who don't want to miss this.
    • If the lines are too long, wait until closer to closing and try again. Some of the most popular rides are fuller at opening but begin to thin out as the day wears on. If the ride you choose is too full, make a note of it and try again later.

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