Man goes flying on couch after car crashes into DeLand home

Video: Man goes flying on couch after car crashes into DeLand home

DELAND, Fla. — A man who was sitting on a couch playing video games was catapulted across the living room when a pickup truck crashed into a DeLand home Sunday afternoon, according to his aunt.

This happened around 3 p.m. along the 200 block of East Washington Street.

“He went on quite a ride,” said Nerissa Cain.

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Cain said the pickup truck came crashing through the wall that the couch her nephew was sitting on was pushed up against.

The couch ended up sliding several feet away from where the pickup truck crashed through.

“It hit the couch and the couch hit the other side of the wall with him on it. The TV fell on him, everything,” she said. “I was expecting for him to be on the floor, missing a limb or something.”

She said her nephew was walking around by the time she arrived at the house, with just a few scrapes and some knee pain.

The house sustained significant damage during the crash. The water main broke, along with several windows. Plywood covers the hole where the pickup truck entered the house.

Flying furniture and debris also pierced an interior wall.