SR-408 widening project set to begin

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The Ultimate I-4 widening project is underway, and State Road 408 next on the list.

Crews are set to begin a multi-million dollar project to widen SR-408, between Good Homes Road and Hiawassee Road.

Robin Proveaux lives near SR-408. His home and the road are separated by a fence, and she said she hears the roadway noise all the time.

Proveaux said she supports a sound wall that would be built behind her home when the Central Florida Expressway Authority widens SR-408.

The sound wall is one of four that will be built as part of the $17 million project that also widens the road from two lanes to three in each direction.

The area is notorious for delays during the morning and evening drive.

“This current area has a traffic count of over 70,000 cars per day, and by 2035, that's expected to rise to more than 100,000 vehicles,” said CFX spokesperson Kelda Senior.

The work will begin in October.

Crews are already working on a couple of miles of SR-408 and I-4 for the I-4 Ultimate project.

Senior said CFX coordinating lane closures with I-4 officials so drivers aren't impacted too much.

Proveaux said she welcomes the temporary inconvenience, because it will be better for her in the long run.

“A sound wall will definitely help,” said Proveaux.

During construction, tolls will still be collected at the Hiawassee toll plaza, but once that work begins in October, drivers will need to slow down.

Expressway Authority officials expect the project to take 18 months.