Hurricane Irma: Lake Harney's waters continue to rise

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — Residents who live on Lake Harney near Seminole County’s Geneva neighborhood continue to deal with flooding caused by Hurricane Irma's rains.

A swollen St. Johns River, which feeds into Lake Harney, has pushed more water into the lake as it flows northward.

Seminole County Emergency Management officials said that as many as 100 lakeside homes could fill with up to two feet of floodwater should the lake’s water levels continue to rise.

Seminole County deputies drove an emergency truck down a flooded road Thursday to check on residents.

Water has already begun to creep into the back yards of homes, many of which aren’t elevated.

Officials said that it could take weeks for the water to recede and that a rainy forecast could worsen conditions.

Ed Rummel, who has lived on the lake for almost 20 years, said his house has remained dry so far.

“If we don't get any rain, it shouldn't come much higher,” he said. “It shouldn’t. But if it rains, I don't know.”

Rummel said many lakefront homes had to be rebuilt in 2008 after they were flooded by Tropical Storm Fay’s rains.






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“They're way up, so the houses won't flood,” he said.

Officials said they continue to monitor conditions and are using models to predict rising. They said residents have been offered sandbags.

The Florida Highway Patrol said troopers could close State Road 46 if water spills over onto the roadway.