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Hurricane Irma: Updates on cable, and internet service

It’s not just power that many Central Floridians are without after Hurricane Irma ripped through Central Florida.

Many are waiting for cable, cellular and internet service, but many cable companies say there’s not much they can do until power is restored.

Below is the information released so far from cable companies.


"Charter Communications is working closely with the power companies to restore our services as soon as possible to those affected by hurricane Irma and our recovery efforts are in full swing. As our network relies on commercial power – the loss has been the major cause of Spectrum services not being available.

I cannot give a timeline as to expected full restoration as the impact of this monster storm was felt across Florida and in some areas worse than others. What I can tell you that the restoration is moving forward at a good pace – as you see the number of commercial power restoration continually updating with more Floridians getting electrical power back on. Spectrum technicians and power companies teams are working hard to get our customers back to full service."


No information released yet.

Century Link

Technicians are still trying to restore internet service to 145,000 customers, as well as 60,000 phone customers and 25,000 Prism TV customers in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake and Marion counties.

"We have techs on the ground going the restoration effort since it was safe to go out. We're doing what we can," said Century Link spokesperson Deborah Rios-Barnes.


No information released yet.

AT&T U-Verse

No information released yet.

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