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Isaac's remnants not likely to re-establish; Joyce looping in eastern Atlantic

Isaac debilitated over the weekend, and now its remnants have a 10 percent chance of redeveloping. 
Joyce will remain a fish storm, weakening and looping in the eastern Atlantic.

A fish storm is a storm, particularly a hurricane or tropical storm, which turns out in the open Atlantic and poses no threat to land. 

Remnants of Isaac
Though Isaac gained some strength late last week, it quickly disintegrated over the weekend to a tropical disturbance with low chance to redevelop as it approaches the Yucatan Peninsula in the next couple of days. 
On Monday morning, the remnants were located just south of Jamaica. Its deeper convection stretched from Jamaica to the Hispaniola, where they can expected scattered storms and gusty winds at times.  

Weather conditions are becoming less favorable for this system to redevelop. The disturbance will be moving to the west-northwest approaching the Yucatan Peninsula and an area with strong wind shear, which will not allow the system to regain organization or strength.

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Tropical Depression Joyce
Tropical Depression Joyce seems to be lost in the middle of the Atlantic, as it has shifted directions once again. Joyce is expected to remain as a depression as it loops back to the east, then to the southwest this week. It does not represent a threat to land. 
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