Tracking the tropics: Rene restrengthens into tropical storm, Paulette moves slowly over central Atlantic

Eye on the Tropics update

ORLANDO, Fla. — Tropical Storm Rene and Paulette are both at tropical storm intensity.

Rene restrengthened into a tropical storm late Wednesday morning. The storm’s winds have increased to 40 mph and it is expected to strengthen over the next few days.

Tropical Storm Paulette is moving slowly over the central Atlantic at 9 mph.

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Paulette’s maximum sustained winds have reached 60 mph.

Meteorologist George Waldenberger said neither storm is expected to threaten the United States coast.

Both systems are expected to make a northwest turn.

Waldenberger said a third system could join Paulette and Rene soon. The next two names on the list are Sally and Teddy.

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Channel 9 meteorologists are tracking all of the storms, and will monitor them into next week.

We will continue to monitor the tropics closely and bring you the latest on, live on Eyewitness News and on our free WFTV Weather app.

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