More than a dozen sinkholes open up in Ocala; signs you should look for

After more than a dozen sinkholes have opened in Ocala in the last two weeks, Channel 9's meteorologist and geologist George Waldenberger went to talk to Manoj Chopra, UCF geotechnical engineer professor, about what are making sinkholes more frequent and what signs residents should be looking for ahead of a developing sinkhole.

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"Initial smaller cavities seem to be coming together," explained Manoj Chopra.

These sinkholes in Ocala could be connecting directly to the aquifer underneath. This would mean one big sinkhole could be slowly developing.


Geotechnical engineers will continue to evaluate the sinkholes and surrounding areas on Wednesday.

In the mean time, be aware that there might be movement on the ground before a sinkhole develops and there are signs you could be on the lookout for:

  • Your windows and doors are suddenly not closing properly.
  • Cavities developing in your yard/gardens.
  • Weird noises your home may be making as the ground moves or settles.