Sweating at home! In-house workouts booming & locals teaching them

In-house workouts booming, locals helping out, virtually

ORLANDO, Fla. — Many people have more time, some might be missing their favorite gym or even workout partner. But, don’t let social distancing be your excuse. Nowadays you can find routines and workout plans all over social media.

Luckily for Central Florida residents (and the world), we have a good ally right at our back yard. Fitness directors at the University of Central Florida are taking their workouts to the virtual sphere and you don’t have to be a student to participate.

Need workout equipment? You can use water jogs, bags w your kids’ toys and perhaps even make your kids join the fun!

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Certified Meteorologist George Waldenberger talked to some fitness experts that provided some insight on the importance of exercising during these tough times and how you can do it right from home.

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