• 9 Investigates: Troubled Agape Christian Academy to get state funds again


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - 9 Investigates found out a private Christian school stripped of state scholarship money is once again getting state funds.

    In May, the state Department of Education revoked funding at Agape Christian Academy and said the school forged fire inspection documents.

    The school was told to return scholarship funds meant for low-income students and those with disabilities.

    The state and the school recently reached an agreement where the school will still pay back the nearly $230,000 it received while it had no working fire alarm.

    Court documents show what school leaders must do to receive new funds and get a tax break again.

    The school must submit health inspection reports.

    In March, students spoke out about leaky ceilings and holes in the walls that the health department ordered the school to fix.

    Records show the state can do announced or unannounced visits.

    Records also show school worker Orita McRae must be removed from any and all positions.

    Records did not say why or her title.

    The state said the school is on probation until 2020.

    The school’s principal said the school will stay on track with the payments to the state and rebuild trust with the community.

    Channel 9 also reported about teachers complaining that they were not getting paid.

    The principal said the owners have been in contact with teachers but didn’t know if they were paid. 

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