• Action 9 helps homeowner deal with loan modification firm


    ORLANDO,Fla. - Action 9 exposes a law firm that is targeting local homeowners for controversial loan modifications. Several local families paid $4,000 for loan services they never got.

    Tim Willis could cut his mortgage payment by hundreds of dollars, according to the notice from the Home Remedy Center, a law firm at a downtown Orlando office building.

    "It looks legal, it looks legit," said Willis.

    After contacting the firm, Willis said an attorney called back and discussed his case for an hour.

    "He says it's a done deal. We just needed some documents filled out," said Willis.

    First Willis had to pay a retainer of $4,000. But he said that four months after the law firm cashed his check there's no loan modification, no lower rate, and he still has a second mortgage.

    Action 9 learned that Home Remedy is tied to California attorney Pamela Gerber-Gressier, already charged by the state bar there with misconduct.

    California and Florida ban upfront loan modification fees.

    "Hi, I'm trying to find the Home Remedy Group?" Action 9's Todd Ulrich asked a clerk at the office space listed as the firms address.

    "They have an office here," the clerk said.

    But they don't appear to have a physical presence. They have a virtual office where businesses can rent desk space, but Home Remedy didn't do that.

    "Is there a way to reach them?" Ulrich asked the clerk.

    "I can't reach them, they just have a mail box here, they rent a mailbox here," said the clerk.

    Ulrich tried to reach the company in California.

    "People want their money back," Ulrich said to a company employee.

    "Well, I can't help you with that," said the employee.

    Later a Home Remedy spokesman told Ulrich that the company only offers document preparation services, not loan modifications and said that is fully disclosed.

    Florida's Attorney General is already reviewing 20 complaints and just opened a formal investigation.

    The Home Remedy Group said it will send Willis most of his money back, a refund he had been denied.

    The firm also claims it has helped hundreds of families stay in their homes with modified loans.

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    Action 9 helps homeowner deal with loan modification firm

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