Action 9: A small local company is in trouble for airboats they haven't delivered

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A small local company had a big following online selling airboats to serious sport fishermen.
Justin Moody, a buyer, signed a contract with Affliction Airboats, run by Jeff Love.
“It seemed like the right place to get an airboat built,” said Moody.
He wired a $22,000 payment, and then paid another $6,000 toward the $44,000 airboat.
Now, twenty months later, Moody feels he was hooked by a boat company that left him high and dry. What does Moody have to show for all that money?
“Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.” he said.
Justin said Jeff Love and his wife kept telling him the hull and engine were on backorder. He complained to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, and the attorney general. Then he heard it was a civil matter, and that’s something he can't accept.
“It's my money. I have a right to feel that way,” said Moody.
Our investigation found at least four more customers who’d paid between $30,000 and $60,000 each for airboats they never received.
"I'm here about customers who say they paid big deposits for boats it never delivered." said Action 9 investigator, Ulrich.
"You have to leave the property." answered an unidentified person at Affliction Airboats.
Jamee Love is now listed as company president. The Loves have not responded to our questions.
“These folks need their money back,” said Ulrich.
"OK I'll let him know." said the person.
Action 9 contacted local investigators said they reviewed complaints and now confirm there is a criminal investigation.
A Texas man sued Affliction Airboats after he claimed he lost $75,000.  He won a settlement, but told us that the company has not yet paid him back.
So where did that money go?
Both the Volusia County sheriff and state attorney’s offices confirm there is a criminal investigation into Affliction Airboats with multiple victims. With any big purchase for a product or service be cautious since recovering your money can be an ordeal.
Affliction Airboats response from Jeff Love:
Justin Moody canceled his boat 5weeks into the build which breached the 4 month performance clause he insisted on both parties signing. He hired his attorney and I hired mine the matter was settled. He was to pick up his parts and 5000.00 at the Walmart in Osteen I waited 2 hours for him and he never showed up
Affliction Airboats was dissolved last year and retained a lawyer for bankruptcy last year.