• Action 9: Consumer claims defective dishwasher flooded home twice


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Merritt Island woman claims defective dishwashers flooded her home twice, and she's been forced to live with the damages for years.


    She blames the same manufacturer for both failures.


    Action 9 consumer investigator Todd Ulrich found she's been stuck paying thousands of dollars in repairs.




    Sharon Doran pointed out her bad tiles, damaged cabinets and what had once been new wood floors. The floors are warped and cracked from water damage. Doran claims defective dishwashers flooded her home twice.


    Who do you blame?” Ulrich asked.


    “I blame Electrolux. I seriously blame Electrolux. This isn't one. This is two faulty parts,” Doran replied.


    Doran says a part melted inside her new Electrolux dishwasher in 2011. That part cracked, causing flooding in two rooms. The damages totaled $15,000. Her homeowner’s insurance covered it.


    You just don't realize what water can do to a house,” Doran said.


    Electrolux replaced her dishwasher at no charge. But three years later, that machine failed, and her house was flooded again.


    Two contractors estimated repairs would cost between $25,000 to $35,000.  Doran feared another insurance claim.


    “That second claim could potentially raise our rates for home insurance,” Doran said.


    She sent a claim to Electrolux and now, four years later, the case is still not resolved.


    Doran turned down a $4,200 offer from the company to cover repairs. She felt it was insulting.


    She said she’s stuck in a home she doesn’t want her friends to see.


    “I'm embarrassed. It's rough because it's happened twice,” Doran said.


    She claims an inspector found a pump part failed in her latest Electrolux flood.


    The flood is very concerning,” said appliance expert Mike Mannino.


    He says new dishwasher failures are more common now and the machines are built to be replaced sooner. This can lead to extensive water damage.


    “People go to sleep and with a dishwasher going. Today, I personally could not recommend that,” Mannino said.


    Electrolux told Action 9 that its independent adjuster only found $4,200 in damages but it's willing to consider additional compensation.


    The company had no comment on what caused water damage twice.


    I'm appalled. I'm defeated,” Doran said.


    Electrolux said it worked diligently to resolve her problem and her case remains open.


    Doran sent a complaint to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


    Electrolux response:


    “We have worked diligently with Ms. Doran to pay for all damages and repairs. Together with Ms. Doran, a third party claims adjuster evaluated her home and estimated the repairs to cost $4,200. We offered to cover this cost along with additional compensation for her concerns. Unfortunately, she has declined all of our offers. We would like to resolve her concern, so if she changes her mind, the offer is available to her for the next 30 days.”

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