• Action 9 takes action after consumer felt taken by moving company

    By: Gerry Mendiburt


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A move to Central Florida is still haunting a woman who did all the right things when she hired a moving company.

    Action 9 consumer investigator Todd Ulrich uncovered an ugly complaint history and helped the victim get results.

    Jill Davis moved to Port Orange from New Hampshire five weeks ago. Most rooms in her new home seem empty, since her furniture disappeared on a moving truck.

    “I didn't know there were people out there who did stuff like this,” Davis said.

    She hired the Moving Dudes from South Florida.

    The move cost $1,800, and she paid $600 upfront.

    Davis sensed real trouble when a company driver called from New York asking her for gas money. Then, the delivery date came and went.

    “I was told a day and a time, and it didn't happen, then I called back and I was told another time,” Davis said.

    When the truck finally showed up, the company's older driver could not physically unload her property, so a friend had to unload it.

    She got some furniture but claims 70 percent of her property is still missing and Moving Dudes can't tell her where it is.

    “I have these big plastic bins of family photos, of my parents who are long gone. Things you can't replace,” Davis said.

    Moving Dudes is in Deerfield Beach.  

    The Better Business Bureau has 48 complaints against the company in just the past year. The bureau says managers respond but customers are still not satisfied, and many had missing property.

    “Even though the company has been responsible, it has not done a good job resolving customer issues, which is getting their stuff back,” said Cinthya Lavin, of the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida.

    Ulrich contacted the company. A manager told him Davis would have all her furniture in 10 days. The moving company manager said there had been a shipping mistake and that's been resolved. 

    “They have my money and my stuff,” Davis said.

    Moving Dudes has a federal license for interstate moves, but online, you can find a pattern of complaints. That's a check consumers need to make before signing any contract.

    If her property doesn't arrive this week, Davis will file a complaint against the company’s license.

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