• Be Original Orlando City Fans


    The chants at Orlando City matches will never stop, but they should change.

    Crude language during chants from the Orlando City Soccer Club supporters were at the centerpiece of a story we ran following Tuesday night’s match against the Colorado Rapids. Apparently, a small number of fans have posted on websites that they will not return for a future match because of the chants.

    Like it or not, inappropriate language has become a part of sports. Spend time at any sporting event and you are bound to hear vulgar language, whether it is shouted from the stands or comes from the players/coaches. After a missed call from a referee you are likely to hear a synonym for bull excrement chanted from every corner of the stadium.

    I personally have no issue with foul language, as long as it’s not around children, but the commissioner of Major League Soccer has openly petitioned for supporter groups to cut it out. Last night was the first time I was able to attend a game as a fan and sat about 25 yards from the supporters section. Many fans bring drums or other musical instruments to the game, so it is hard to make out what is being sung or yelled by the supporters. The one chant that is clear every time, is the “You suck ***hole!” that is yelled during every opposing goal kick.

    MLS commissioner Don Garber in a 2012 interview with NBC Sports said that exact chant is “uncreative and ridiculous.” He goes onto say, “We can’t have young kids in stadiums listening to vulgarity. No other league would tolerate it. No other public event would have it and we can’t tolerate it in Major League Soccer.”

    If I’m Orlando City President Phil Rawlins I issue a statement to the supporter groups and ask them kindly to stop the goal kick chant. Come up with something better. Orlando City could soon be the 21st MLS franchise, so why not be the new kids on the block with a new chant that is unique to Lions fans and doesn’t push away prospective fans.

    Leave some ideas for a new goal kick chant in the comments section and I’ll add some of my ideas here and on Twitter.