• Citrus Bowl Prepped For Monster Truck Show

    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - The Citrus Bowl is getting ready for the dirt, even though the turf was covered to protect it from dirt. Truck loads of dirt just began arriving at the Citrus Bowl Wednesday to prepare Saturday's Monster Jam monster truck show, which is one of the most popular events at the stadium.

    SLIDESHOW: 2011 'Monster Jam' Monster Trucks EVENT INFO : Monster Jam at Citrus Bowl Stadium

    Crews are layering polyurethane sheets to protect the city's million-dollar turf. Over the next three days, a crew of eight will work 18 hours a day to transform the Citrus Bowl turf into a mound of dirt.

    Three-hundred truckloads will cover the area for the event. Nearly 70,000 people attended the event in 2009, making it the most popular event there.

    But the city installed the artificial turf last summer after 2010's Capital Bowl gained national attention because of the muddy field.

    Now, workers from Feld Motor Sports, who are constructing the track, have to be extra careful to protect the city's million-dollar investment.

    "So we're putting the plastic down first that will catch any plastic that might slide off the product when we clean up. Then we put down the product which is a polyurethane plastic mix, that protects the field from getting ruts, holes, pokes or tears in it," said Steve Carmack of Feld Motor Sports. "We're the dirt guys, what we do is we convert football fields into monster jam shows."

    The actual location of the dirt is being kept a secret because officials said people actually try to steal the dirt. As a result, the company will be bringing it over by the truck load throughout the day.

    "The track that we're gonna build here this week is about 4,300 yards of dirt. It's a lot of dirt," he said. "The guys that work for us are the best in the world. I mean, this is what we do week in and week out."

    The monster jam show is Saturday at 7:00pm. The price for an advanced ticket is $15 or $18 the day of the event.

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