With the rise in COVID-19 cases, parents wonder if virtual learning is right for students

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises among students, demand for virtual learning is booming.

Kimberly Acosta, principal of Florida Connections Academy, attributes her school’s increase in enrollment to parents looking for a safe alternative to in-person learning.

“This is an absolutely great option as far as being able to provide your student with the same quality education, but in the home environment and not having to worry,” she said.

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A little over a week into the new school year, some schools are already reporting hundreds of active COVID-19 cases.

Doctor Tim Hendrix with AdventHealth says it is not surprising.

“Kids spread viruses, and they take those viruses home, so that’s our primary concern is they’re taking them home to vulnerable adults that have not been vaccinated,” he said.

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While virtual learning is a good option for parents looking for peace of mind, it is not always the best fit for every child.

Acosta says parents need to be involved with their children, which means monitoring progress and ensuring students are on track with their course completion.

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“Your student has to be sort of self-independent with their learning, they have to be self-motivated, self-disciplined enough to be able to manage their day,” Acosta said.

More information on virtual schools from the Florida Department of Education can be found here.