• Parrish Wound Healing Center Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence


    TITUSVILLE, Fla. - The Parrish Wound Healing Center, which is affiliated with Healogics, is celebrating 10 years of continued service to North Brevard residents with an excellent record of healing chronic wounds.

    Parrish Wound Healing offices are located at 951 N. Washington Ave., Titusville, Fla., and 5005 Port St. John Pkwy., Port St. John, Fla.

    The center has an impressive record of healing wounds during the past 10 years that includes:

    • 34,022 patient visits
    • 8,272 Hyperbaric oxygen treatments
    • 33,089 HBO units
    • 104 physicians (on average) who refer to the wound center annually
    • 97% of patients wounds healed at the center

    “We are very proud of the work we do,” said Wound Center Medical Director Aluino Ochoa, M.D., C.W.S. Dr. Ochoa, like many of the wound center care partners, has gone through special extended training and is a certified wound specialist. “Our goal is to heal our patient’s chronic wounds so they can live their lives the way they want to, without any barriers.”

    What causes chronic wounds? Typically, chronic wounds occur in patients with poor blood circulation, diabetes, or because of other reasons related to a patient’s condition. Underlying causes of chronic wounds vary from patient to patient.

    The treatment plan for chronic wounds may include specialty dressings, compression wraps, biological skin grafts, offloading of pressure on the wound, negative pressure wound treatment and/or hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

    HBO therapy (hyperbaric medicine) is often used to treat chronic wounds. HBO wound treatment takes place in a specially designed compartment called a hyperbaric chamber. Wounds heal faster when the patient breathes 100 percent oxygen at higher pressures than that of a normal environment. The chamber helps deliver the prescribed amount of oxygen to the patient’s body tissue, which in turn begins the healing process.

    The Wound Healing Center is currently accepting new patients with chronic wounds. The center’s staff includes:

    Aluino Ochoa, M.D., C.W.S. Medical Director, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine

    Anthony Allotta, D.O., Family Practice, Sports Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment

    Carlos Carrillo, M.D., Surgery-General/Vascular

    Julie Flick, M.D., Family Medicine

    Nabil Itani, D.O., Internal Medicine

    Christopher Manion, M.D., MBA, Family Medicine

    Ravi Rao, M.D., Cardiology

    Wendy Worsley, M.D., Family Medicine

    For more information about the Parrish Wound Healing Center, go to parrishmed.com, or call 321-268-6795.

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