• How to see Fantasmic at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    By: Matt Hochberg/StudiosCentral.com


    After a few years of being cut back, the nightly fireworks spectacular known as Fantasmic! at Disneys Hollywood Studios is back to being shown every night in the park and if you want to see it on your next visit, follow these easy guidelines to get into the show.

    Arrive Early

    So what time should you arrive?  Well, you will need to arrive for Fantasmic! before the show begins to be assured of a spot. The Hollywood Hills Amphitheater opens two hours before the first show of the evening.  The good news is you rarely, if ever, have to show up that early.

    During the busier times of the year (Summer, spring break), it’s advisable to show up at least 45-60 minutes early.  If you’re going during a slower time of the year, you can probably show up 30-45 minutes in advance. 

    Speaking of when to go, if there’s more than one showing of Fantasmic! per night, always choose the last show of the evening.  The last showing is always less crowded and easier to get in.  Besides, you’ll have more time in the park enjoying other attractions.

    Choose where you sit wisely

    Where to sit in Fantasmic! does make a big difference in my opinion.  Not all seats are made equally, so when picking out where to see the show, keep a few things in mind.

    ●     Ideally you want to be just off center. 

    ○     Dead center is fine but off center is perfect.

    ●     Avoid the extreme sides

    ○     The seating sections at the end of each side of the theater is to be avoided if it all possible. 

    ○     The problem here is the music you hear will not match up with what you see and you will also be able to see backstage, which can ruin the show.

    ●     The first few rows can be wet

    ○     The first 3-5 rows of the theater are susceptible to getting wet from the water in the lagoon.  We’re not talking soaked, but depending on where the breeze is blowing (and temperature outside), this may not be desired.

    If you follow these general guidelines, you should be able to enjoy Fantasmic! on every trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Say hi to Mickey for us!

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Hochberg is a Disney’s Hollywood Studios super fan and runs StudiosCentral.com, a site dedicated to all things Hollywood Studios. Matt also hosts WDW Today, a free Walt Disney World planning podcast that offers trip planning advice, strategies and tips. You can find Matt on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.