• Hunting Hidden Mickeys at Disney's Hollywood Studios


    As you marvel at the sights and sounds in Disney's Hollywood Studios, stay alert for Hidden Mickeys!  I learned of a new Hidden image just inside the park entrance, on the front porch of Sid Cahuenga's Antiques and Curios Store.

    Look for the Dalmatian statue to the left of the store entrance doors.  A black classic (three-circle) Hidden Mickey spot is on the dog's left rear thigh!

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    I checked at the "Star Tours" attraction for one of my favorite enduring Hidden Mickeys.  Along the entrance queue, search high up on a huge tree trunk across from the Imperial Walker.  A white classic Mickey is hidden among the spots on the tree!

    Shop around in Tatooine Traders, the gift shop at the exit of Star Tours, and study the decor for Hidden Images.

    Inside the shop, look low to spot a blue light classic Mickey hidden along the lower right front of the long cashier's counter.

    Journey onward to San Francisco Street.  You'll know you've arrived when the huge mural of San Francisco greets you at the end of the street.

    On the left side of San Francisco Street is a faux barber shop.  On the address plaque for the barber shop, three large spots above the front left leg of a Dalmatian (yes, another Dalmatian spot image!) come together to resemble a classic Mickey.

    Check out the "Steamboat Willie" newspaper article in the newsstand painted on the lower left of that huge mural at the end of San Francisco Street.  "Steamboat Willie" (starring Mickey Mouse and directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928) was one of the very first animated cartoons produced with synchronized sound.  This reference to Mickey Mouse is considered a Hidden Mickey.

    Not far from San Francisco Street is the Studio Backlot Tour attraction.  A photo of Walt Disney drawing Steamboat Willie is on a wall in the gift shop at the exit from the Backlot Tour.

    Past Pixar Place is Mickey Avenue, where the "Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" attraction is located.  Inside this walk-through tribute to Walt, you'll find an image of Mr. Disney standing in front of his conceptual map for "The Disney Florida Project."  Three green circles on the map resemble a classic Mickey.

    Enjoy the world of Hidden Mickeys at all the Disney Parks, including Disney's Hollywood Studios!

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