'Dale' the comfort K-9 helps children open up about abuse

Photo by Seminole County Sheriff's Office: Dale the comfort K-9

A comfort K-9 officer at the Seminole County Sheriff's Office is helping children in abuse cases.
Dale the comfort K-9 works alongside Child Protective Services.
Investigators said it can be hard for young victims to express their emotions in abuse cases, and that's where Dale comes in.
It's Dale’s job to help break down barriers the children might have so they can talk to investigators.
"It's that ice breaker between me and the kids, and really getting them to feel comfortable and at ease and open up to me, as well," Seminole County Sheriff's Office Child Protective Services investigator Lauren Holbrook said.
Dale has helped in several cases in the last year.
He is the first comfort K-9 in the state dedicated to assisting Child Protective Services.