• 'I'm going to kill your children': Man threatened Dept. of Revenues employees, FDLE says

    By: Melonie Holt


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators believe a Brevard County man threatened employees at the Florida Department of Revenue, allegedly telling employees, “I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”

    Alex Shekhtman, 59, faced a Brevard County judge Thursday. 

    FDLE said Shekhtman’s threats started on July 25, when Shekhtman made a series of phone calls to the Florida Department of Revenue assistance line, telling one employee: “I’m going to kill your whole [expletive] family… I’ve got guns.”


    The next day, Shekhtman allegedly told another employee: “I’m going to kill your children… I’m going to blow up your office.” 

    A third employee received similar threats.

    Investigators believe the threats were prompted by a letter notifying Shekhtman he was $120 behind on his child support payments and that if the agency didn’t receive payment in 14 days, it would take action not limited to suspending his drivers license.

    One of Shekhtman’s neighbors told Channel 9 Thursday that he was surprised to hear about the allegations.

    “He was a really nice person,” said Gerald Adderley. “I have a disability. He helped me trim trees and helped me get my lawn mower working.”

    Channel 9 tried to ask Shekhtman for comment, but his attorney advised him against it.

    Channel 9 also asked FDLE why it took more than three months for Shekhtman to be arrested. FDLE said he was only arrested Wednesday because tracking phone calls can take a while due to privacy issues.


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